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    Affiliate Links, Banners and Autoblog Review Posts
    Niche-Specific To Your Blog.

    Install in 4 Steps and Let WP Dollar Earn
    Automatic Amazon Commissions 365 Days A Year
    + 10 Wordpress Niche Blogs Included

    NO Other Wordpress Amazon Plugin Does Everything That WP Dollar Does. Simply Set And Forget. Work Smarter, Not Harder"

    1164+ sold in less than 24 hours!

    Hey guys,

    Martin C here with my latest wordpress software plugin. For this 1 I have teamed up with Abhi D to bring out something that is going to totally change the way you monetize your blogs or collect Amazon affiliate checks.

    It was about a year or so ago when I finally realized that being an Amazon
    affiliate is a lot of work.… and I mean a lot!

    It wasn't so much having to push the products. No. It was having
    to always find ways to populate my blogs with link-rich content which not only would engage the reader, but would also please Google. If you can do that, you are onto a winner.

    "The process of getting affiliate links off Amazon and
    onto a blog was a time consuming pain!"

    If you are at all knowledge about the process, you know that it requires
    multiple steps to get even the simplest of links onto the blog. Not a fun way to spend your time. Tedious is an understatement!

    I needed to develop a better system. I needed to develop an
    "autopilot" methods that you always hear people talking about.… my blogs were making money. But not enough. The main reason is, I was forced to spend more time setting the things up than I did promoting them and creating content.

    Honestly, it came down to a simple numbers game. Either I keep on doing
    what I was doing, which wasn't quite working out, or I develop my own system...

    … and that is exactly what I did.

    "After nearly a YEAR of development, testing,
    debugging, and perfecting, we have created a seamless Amazon-to-Wordpress plugin. It had to be almost hands-free and automatic"

    WP Dollar is the solution and is the only plugin to do all this in 1 package. Reviews, links, banners.....it's all here. You can even schedule it to post for you on autopilot. WP Dollar can be posting reviews a year from now, without you doing a thing after setting it up.

    It really did seem too easy.

    … here I was absolutely BUSTING MY BUTT to create blogs with
    enough Amazon affiliate links to make money. Doing this and adding all the Amazon links was so time consuming it would suck up all my free time.

    … this new plugin solved all of that, though.

    Now, with the push of a button (literally!) I'm able to quickly, easily, and
    painlessly populate a blog with Amazon affiliate links in the form of text, banner, and review posts.

    This plugin is so simple that blogs can keep on rolling out at a crazy-fast pace. And, like I said, the more blogs you can create with my plugins Amazon affiliate links, the more revenue you are going to see.

    The bottom line is, this plugin works. Conversions
    skyrocket when products from a trusted company like Amazon are put in front of pre-qualified buyers.

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    With all of the power contained in WPDollar, it is easy to find yourself
    making fantastic residual Amazon commissions.

    Running a blog before and after the creation of
    WPDollar is as different as night and day. Consider this:

    … You used to make little money from your blogs.

    … now you can set up easy residual income blogs in a few minutes.

    … You used to spend weeks properly setting a blog up to capture affiliate
    commissions from Amazon.
    … now you spend a day setting up multiple blogs and earning easy commission.

    Check out the feature list to see why this one is going to be big:

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    See WP Dollar in action and behind the scenes here:

    Now that you know a little bit about the features, it is time to ask another
    question...how do you know if this plugin is for you?

    It is a simple answer really.

    • If you find yourself frustrated with other plugins or doing things manually, then this plugin is for you...
    • If you wish to quickly and easily integrate all of your Amazon affiliate links and reviews on your blog, then this plugin is for you...
    • If you are struggling to make money on the Internet, this is definitely the plugin for you...
    • If you want to set up an residual income stream, this plugin is for you.

    WP Dollar makes your job simple.
    WP Dollar makes
    your job less frustrating.
    WP Dollar makes your job more enjoyable.
    WP Dollar makes your job more profitable.

    There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of "don't work
    harder, work smarter."

    That is the essence of WPDollar. Not only does it "work smarter" for
    you, but it does
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    So, now you have a choice.

    You can continue to put in lots of tedious hours plugging in all the correct affiliate links into your blog. You can grow gray hairs in frustration as the profits don't match the amount of work you are putting in....or, you can install WPDollar in UNDER ONE MINUTE and watch as all of the work is now done for you ON AUTOPILOT.

    WP Dollar presents amazing value and it ticks the 2 most important criteria for any IM related product: it will save you time and it will make you money. Just purchase, set and forget.

    ....BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Order Now and get a 10 Blog Bonus Package. Use these and WP Dollar to start your own auto-pilot commission network today. Every blog comes with easy install files and pre-loaded content......you can't go wrong!

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  • Now for a no BS comment, and this is not fake scarcity. I have recently started working with a famous JV broker to bring my successful products to Clickbank. This plugin is going to go that way as well. With that in mind, grab it now at the WF price because you will never get it at this price again.

    All the best,
    Martin & Abhi

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  • P.S.
    In the time you have taken to read this, I could have used WP Dollar to make another commission spinning automatic blog
    Simple to use. If, for some reason, you do get stuck during any part of using WPDollar, don't hesitate to contact us. I pride myself on excellent customer support and service as you can see from my other 1000+ selling WSO's.

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    P.P.P.S. Before I leave you be, I want to reiterate one more time how

    P.P.S. Remember, this is 100-percent newbie friendly. Simple to install.
    simple your life can become if you use WPDollar. No more tedious tasks. No need to even outsource. Why? Because WPDollar does it all for you. All you need to do is click the mouse a few times to get the process started. It seriously does not get any easier.